Organizational Development

Cascade's professional and experienced presenters provide participants the opportunity to learn in a supportive environment. Participants are actively engaged in their own learning process and encouraged to take part at their own pace.

Training activities are designed to elicit interaction among participants encouraging them to compare and contrast their thoughts and feelings. They become invested and take responsibility for the learning process. The training is based on sound principles and practices of learning that will promote the transition of what is learned in the training room to implementation at the worksite.

Training topics can be selected on an individual basis or can be grouped together. For example those topics that deal with 1) Identifying Employees with Workplace Problems. 2) Progressive Discipline and 3) Documentation of Employee's Problems would be a natural grouping. Whereas, Blending Workstyles would be an example of a stand–alone topic.

Times vary based on the specific needs and interests of the organization. Ideally, we would like to conduct a pre–work meeting with involved decision makers to help assess the specific requirements of the organization, what topics would best serve the identified needs and develop a plan for conducting the selected topics. In short, we will help you plan, design and implement a training program.

If these topics interest you and would contribute to the overall growth and development of your organization please call for a free consultation.