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Employee Assistance

If you're struggling with a work or family issue, free confidential help is just a call away. Cascade is pleased to provide EAP services to PEBB agencies and employees. Cascade Centers provides professional counselors who can guide you over the phone or in office visits. They'll listen to you, help you sort things out and then work with you on a plan to set things straight. If needed, they can refer you to a provider in your medical plan.

All your contact with Cascade, from the first call to resolution, is private and confidential. No information about you goes back to your employer or PEBB.

Counselors are available 24/7. To access the EAP just call:
Portland (503) 639–3009
Salem (503) 588–0777
Toll Free (800) 433–2320

You can also e–mail your questions to us at: . Or you can click on the link on the left.