About Cascade Centers

Cascade Team
Cascade’s mission is to support organizational success and improve quality of lives. We provide comprehensive and leading edge services nationwide, such as:

• Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
• Work/Life Balance Programs
• Wellness Programs and Coaching
• Onsite Health Screenings
• Behavioral Health Risk Assessment
• Organizational Training and Development
• Student Assistance Programs
• Executive Coaching

As the nation’s 25th largest Employee Assistance Program, we’re able to serve organizations nationwide by providing evidence based outcomes while using advanced technology. Despite being the 25th largest EAP in the nation, our service model remains high-touch and customizable.

Why Cascade?

- Outcome based results
- Integrated behavioral health and wellness
- National reach with a regional feel
- Enhanced services and technology
- Proactive tools and promotion for increased engagement
- High touch service