Organizational Development

Improve productivity, employee morale and work engagement. More Info

Organization Resources

EAP Organization Resources

Cascade Centers provides comprehensive support through a variety of resources to assist partner organizations with moving forward on a course of success. Our services are designed to improve the production and well–being of employees, support managers with employee related concerns, and assist with organizational change and transition.

To request a training session from Cascade Centers, fill out this form. When submitted it will be sent directly to our offices. Please allow one (1) business day. If this is a crisis and you need an immediate response, please contact us by phone at 800–433–2320.

Organizational Resources

Services Offered

EAP Utilization Reports

View complete utilization reports online and search for yearly, quarterly, and monthly utilization.Read More

Unlimited Performance Based Referrals/Last Chance Agreements

A powerful tool for improving job performance.Read More

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching. Moves leaders from good to excellent in their performance.Read More

EAP Tool Kit

Information about trainings, support, and onsite services. Read More

Supervisor Support

Improve productivity, employee morale and work engagement.Read More

Human Resources Webinar Series

Webinar Series for Human Resource Professionals. Read More

Organizational Consultations

Unlimited consultation and support to supervisors and managers.Read More

Reduction in Force / Career Development Services

A wide array of services to assist employees and organizations as they prepare for a reduction in force and organizational changes.Read More

Mandatory DOT Drug and Alcohol Referrals

This service is for employers who need to comply with Federal law 49 CFR Part 40.Read More

Substance Abuse Assessment and Referral

Comprehensive assessment of the employee’s drug/alcohol abuse.Read More

Training and Onsite Support

Services Offered

EAP Seminars

One-hour onsite employee assistance seminars impart a wide range of educational information. Read More

Critical Incident Stress Management

On-site response when traumatic or severely stressful events occur.Read More

Supervisor Training

Skills for identifying the signs and symptoms of a troubled employee.Read More

Organizational Development

Improve productivity, employee morale and work engagement.Read More