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Personal Assistance

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL benefit that can assist you and your eligible family members with any personal problems, large or small.

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Employers, HR, and Leaders

Our services are designed to improve the production and well–being of employees, support managers with employee related concerns, and assist with organizational change and transition.

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Recent Blog Articles

  • March is National Nutrition Month

    In honor of the month that celebrates nutrition, Assisted Living Locators, your EAP eldercare resource, would like to remind you to make sure your senior is eating healthy. Make sure you help with meal planning and dine together as often as possible.More Info
  • No More Square Pegs in Round Holes: Picking the Best Treatment Option for You or a Loved One

    Let me let you in on a secret...treatment doesn't always work, at least not the first time. Addiction is a disease and like most diseases it behooves you to do the research and talk with professionals in the field of treating that disease about what the best way to do it is.More Info
  • How to Shift your Mindset

    Let's start with a truth we can all agree on: Everyone is going through something. Mental Performance Coach, Karen Millsap, talks about her approach to life and her Stop & Shift mode – a method for shifting your mindset that you can use at work, at home and beyond. More Info
  • Why You Can’t Sleep and Unique Things You Can Do to Sleep

    If you struggle with insomnia, these are some methods that can help you fall asleep and have a more restful night. More Info
  • You’ve Heard about SMART Goals, but what about CLEAR Feedback?

    SMART goals can be helpful, but they aren’t the be-all end-all of goal setting. By giving the explicit advice to “make all goals achievable,” this could imply that our goals need to be supported by the skillset we already possess.More Info
  • How to Inspire Success and Meaning at Work

    The truth is that organizations are run by people, and people run on emotions. Our feelings supply the energy to fuel our pursuit of profit and purpose. They are formidable and universal. They can't be ignored, yet, to our great detriment, we have long pretended that emotions have no place in the office.More Info
  • Workplace Well-being

    As companies continue to support work-life balance for their employees, it is essential to address some universal issues to provide viable solutions for future healthy lifestyle efforts.More Info
  • Tips to Be Resilient

    Learning how you can build resilience your own way can help you with many tough aspects of your life.More Info
  • Goal Setting: Do Less, Impact More

    We’ve found value in taking pause to reassess not only our goals, tasks, and initiatives, but to closely examine the exact value that each one adds to the company. We have no doubt that any task, event, or choice we make could add some type of value, but we have collaboratively decided to measure our ...More Info
  • Find Stillness

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  • How to Build Confidence That Lasts - What You Need to Know

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  • 5 Podcasts About Women at Work to Change How You Show Up

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Brokers & Buyers

Our mission is to support organizational success and improve quality of lives.

We provide a comprehensive and leading-edge approach to behavioral health for employees and organizations.

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About Us

Cascade is a leader and innovator in the evolution of EAPs and is an early adopter of new services and points of access. Cascade’s EAP provides member groups’ employees and family members a comprehensive, full service EAP with a focus on customer service, technology, outcomes, and integrated wellness.

As a large Employee Assistance Program provider, we’re able to serve organizations worldwide, provide evidence-based outcomes, and use advanced technology. However, our service model remains high-touch and customizable.