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Raising Kids to be Empathetic: How Compassion Can Help Our Children

Raising Kids to be Empathetic
Raising kids is challenging
There’s no rulebook when it comes to parenting. Raising kids can be complex and draining, but more than anything, it’s incredibly rewarding. We want the best for our kids. We want them to grow up to ...
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Just One Thing: Accept Difficulty

Just One Thing: Accept Difficulty Is it hard? The Practice: Accept difficulty.
Sometimes things are difficult. Your legs are tired and you still have to stay on your feet another hour at work. You love a child who’s finding her independence ...
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Your Mindset, Your Life

Your Mindset-Your Life Many of us desire to improve our health and wellness, along with creating long-term fulfillment. However, some people struggle with mental roadblocks, which keep them from experiencing true well-being. These mental roadblocks include negative behaviors; anger-filled outbursts, ...More Info

No More Square Pegs in Round Holes: Picking the Best Treatment Option for You or a Loved One

No More Square Pegs in Round Holes Treating addiction is just like anything else when it comes to treating any disease, what works for one person doesn't work for another. Families and loved ones often get frustrated, especially when they have spent thousands of dollars, often more than once on various ...More Info

How to Shift your Mindset

How to Shift Your Mindset Not everyone can turn a tragic loss into a positive force in their life. But Karen Millsap did just that. She rebuilt her life by coaching other people through grief—sharing her incredible story as well as the healthy habits and tips she used to find her way back. ...More Info

Why You Can’t Sleep and Unique Things You Can Do to Sleep

If you are an insomniac, then chances are, you’ve probably heard it all in regards to what you should do if you want to fall asleep. Don’t drink so much caffeine. Stop using your phone so much. Get up and do something. But sometimes, it’s not enough. No matter ...More Info

Tips on Building Resilience

Tips to Be Resilient Resilience is a term that you may have heard thrown around, but you may not know what exactly it is. Let’s take a look and find out, then learn some ways that you can be resilient.
What is Resilience?
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Find Stillness

Things keep changing. The clock ticks, the day unfolds, trees grow, leaves turn brown, hair turns gray, children grow up and leave home, attention skitters from this to that, the cookie is delicious but then it’s ...
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How to Build Confidence That Lasts - What You Need to Know

Why does it seem like some people are just full of confidence and others struggle to have any at all? We all have that one person we know that just radiates confidence. Envying them is easy. It's also easy to make excuses for ourselves and think that they just have confidence ...More Info

Hold Wants Lightly

Hold Wants Lightly
Getting caught up in wanting – wanting both to get what's pleasant and to avoid what's unpleasant – is a major source of suffering and harm for oneself and others. First, a lot of what we want to get comes with a big ...
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