Wellness Classes and Seminars

Yoga Class

Onsite Wellness Seminars

Cascade’s wellness classes and seminars are tailored to each groups’ needs.

Topics include:
-- Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
-- Heart Health
-- Diabetes in the Real World
-- Making Meals Manageable
-- You Are What You Drink
-- Produce Therapy (fruits, vegetables, and other foods that grow)
-- Positively Positive – the Benefits of Happiness

Onsite Employee Assistance Seminars

Cascade’s Employee Assistance seminars allow for a high degree of interaction. All of our training consultants have been carefully selected and have extensive experience in his or her area of expertise.

Topics include:
-- Mental/ emotional concerns
-- Relationships
-- Mindfulness
-- Finances
-- Legal concerns
-- Communication
-- Stress management
-- Change and more

Wellness and EAP Seminars are available via webinar

Onsite Fitness Classes

Classes include:
-- Zumba
-- Yoga
-- Pilates
-- Boot Camp
-- Meditation
-- Tai chi
-- Hip Hop
-- Cardio Dance
-- Cross Fit

Contact us about scheduling an event for your organization.

Call: 800-433-2320
Email: info@cascadecenters.com