EAP Member Webinars

EAP Member Webinars

Cascade's Webinars, also known as web conferences, are live presentations via the Internet. Through Webinars, you can participate in live trainings at your own computer and also be connected to the other participants. Webinars are generally one hour in length and topics include mental/ emotional concerns, relationships, finances, legal concerns, wellness, communication, and more.

Listed below are our upcoming Webinars:


Past Webinars

Mindfulness Stress Reduction

Cascade Centers for Mindfulness

An effective tool in treating a variety of mental and physical health problems.More Info

Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child

Discover what your emotional parenting style is and learn steps to developing emotional intelligence.More Info

Homebuying 101 by Educate Your Way Home

In this Webinar, we will talk about some of the first steps in buying a home and answer some of the questions you might have related to the process.More Info

Understanding EAP Benefits: Legal and Mediation Services Webinar

This webinar will explain in detail the legal and mediation services available through Cascade Centers, including how to access the benefit. More Info

Caregiver Support

Learn about common stressors and struggles for caregivers and strategies for self-care. Learn tips for difficult conversations with loved ones.More Info

Helping Employees Develop a Holistic Plan for Retirement

One of the greatest career transitions an employee may go through is that of retirement. Suddenly, the way they spent at least half of their waking life—and all that it represented—is gone. More Info

Avoiding Job Burnout

Learn the potential causes of job burnout and how to reduce the chances for burnout by better managing internal and external boundaries. More Info


People can change their outlook on life in a positive way, which can change their quality of life.More Info

Food and Mood

What we eat and how we feel is closely related. In this webinar we will explore how food impacts your energy, productivity and mood. More Info


When illness, relocation, conflict, or any other hardship befalls us, we often feel unprepared to make adjustments needed to “weather the storm.” More Info

Debunking Dieting Myths

Did you ever wonder why diets don't seem to work? That even when you lose weight it seems to come back, maybe with a few extra pounds? This training explores the biology and research behind our bodies' resistance to weight loss.More Info

Focus on Mental Health Bolsters Workplace Wellness

Mental health issues have a long history of being stigmatized and largely ignored within the workplace, yet issues related to poor mental health, such as accidents, health care costs, absenteeism, and lost productivity are well documented. More Info

Mindfulness and Productivity

Have you considered how mindfulness can help your employees be more effective? Have you experienced improved productivity through mindfulness? More Info

Emotional First Aid in the Workplace

This webinar will discuss the prevalence of mental illness and how to recognize a potential mental health crisis, and review appropriate intervention techniques and strategies for non-mental health professionals to better help a co-worker or employee in distress.More Info

Your Home Ownership Benefits when Buying Selling or Refinancing

Whether you're buying, selling or interested in refinancing your current home, this webinar will show you how to save time and money throughout the entire process. More Info

Building Personal Resilience

When illness, relocation, conflict, or any other hardships befall us, we often feel unprepared to make adjustments needed to “weather the storm.” Why are some of us more capable of adapting to sudden changes and misfortune than others?More Info


This seminar will first provide a brief review of stress, what it is and how it affects us.More Info

Depression Awareness

Many of us are touched directly or indirectly by depression. Learn about what depression is, symptoms of depression, and different treatment options. More Info

Optimize Your Energy to Increase Your Productivity

On this episode, professional organizer Debbie Rosemont discusses work life harmony and using the SAVERS acronym for getting into the correct mind set to start your day off right.More Info

How You Can Help Prevent Suicide

With mental health awareness on the rise in workplaces across the country, colleagues and supervisors are in a unique position to respond to signs of distress and provide support. IMore Info