Tools & Technology

Tools & Technology

Web based tools and mobile apps that help you maximize the EAP.

Cascade EAP Mobile App

Life assistance with you at all times. Download your EAP App.More Info

EAP Benefit Match

Not sure where to start? The EAP Benefit Match quiz will help you determine which EAP services are best for you. More Info

EAP Member Site

Self-Guided Access to Services

Cascade’s EAP Member Site is a resource to help employees and families manage the stress we all experience with innovative, online educational tools.More Info

Telehealth Phone & Video Counseling

An anonymous telephone or video counseling line. Online scheduling, confidential, and professional.More Info

Well-being Text Support

Cascade Assist and Serve Intelligence (CASI)

CASI(Cascade Assist and Serve Intelligence) uses technology to provide immediate emotional support to help you feel better. CASI can also guide you to EAP services that best meet your needs.More Info

WholeLife Directions

A complete mental health screening and instant connection to personalized treatment.More Info