Spotlight ON EAP

Spotlight ON EAP

Home Ownership Program

Purchasing, selling, or refinancing a home? Learn how the EAP can help through the process. More Info

Mental Health Awareness

Learn how to get help if you or a loved one struggles with a mental illness.More Info

The Resilience Journey

Take the Resilience Journey to learn more about your own resilience. More Info

Sleep Support

Learn more about sleep disorders and how Cascade can help you improve your quality of sleep. More Info

Financial Coaching

Find out how Cascade's Financial Coaching program can help you with getting out debt, planning for retirement and much more...More Info

Optimize Your Health and Happiness

In this issue: Optimize Your Health and Happiness; Control Breathing, Control Stress; Depression and Your Health; Coping With Major Life Changes; How to Use Your EAP. More Info

Stress Management

Cascade EAP can help you with managing your stress.More Info

Money Basics: Spending, Borrowing & Saving

Join us for Cascade's ‘Money Basics: Spending, Borrowing & Saving' Webinar. More Info

Helpful Home Buying Tips

EAP Navigator

Read about helpful tips to get you started in the home buying process. More Info

How to Achieve Your Exercise Goals

EAP Navigator

Learn tips on how to help you succeed with your fitness goals.More Info

Signs of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

EAP Navigator

Learn about the symptoms of substance abuse and how the EAP can help you if you feel you or a loved one has a problem with alcohol and drug addiction. More Info

Substance Abuse Awareness

Cascade Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers confidential services related to drug and alcohol addiction. More Info

8 Strategies for Building Resilience

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Read about techniques on how to build your own resilience. More Info

Life Coaching

Receive up to three strategy sessions with a master’s level professional that provides you with support to improve your life and relationships.More Info

Top Tax Tips to Remember

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Learn more about how to ease your tax season stress. More Info

Tax Preparation Services

Read more about the tax preparation services you have available through your EAP. More Info

EAP User Guide

Find out how the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help connect you with the appropriate resources.More Info

Improving Your Mental Health

EAP Navigator

Read about tips to help you improve your mental well–being. More Info

Drinking Safely This Holiday Season

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Read up on tips for safe and responsible drinking this holiday season. More Info

Safe Driving: Cascade Will Reimburse for a Taxi/Share Ride

Cascade aims to deter individuals from driving impaired and will reimburse for a Taxi/Share ride during the month of December.More Info