Provider Guide to Management Referrals

Cascade Provider Panel

Most referrals are self–initiated, but occasionally the employer initiates a referral to assess a specific issue impacting job performance. We call this a “Management” referral. If we refer you this type of case, a Cascade Case Manager, who provides information from you to the employer, will alert you up front. There are some special details to attend to with these cases and they are as follows:

* Make sure the Cascade Case Manager has faxed or mailed to you the completed Management Referral forms before the employee is seen . These explain the reason for the referral and gives you information about the changes the employer is looking for.

* If a Release of Information , which gives the Case Manager permission to speak about the case, is not completed, the case manager will alert you of this. In this case, discuss the need for one with the employee at the first visit, and have him/her sign it. Explain that there is a Cascade Case Manager and that the information released to the employer is limited to dates of attendance, whether or not EAP recommendations have been made, and whether or not the employee is complying with recommendations. Cascade has a release especially for these referrals, and we will gladly share this release with you.

* Assess the situation and make appropriate recommendations. Fee free to consult with us as needed during regular business hours (Pacific Time Zone, 8 AM – 5 PM, Monday through Friday).

* Provide case information to the Cascade Case Manager. Management referrals can be touchy, so make sure you inform us of any glitches – problems obtaining releases, client noncompliance, complaints about the process, etc. Remember that our staff acts as the gatekeeper for information given to the employer , as well as troubleshooter for any snags along the way. We do not expect you to communicate directly with the employer.