Nicole Manley

Nicole Manley, Cascade Centers' Benefits Advisor for the Home Ownership Program, has an extensive background in helping employees reach their dreams and goals with the most important investment and decisions of their lives. Nicole's background since 1990 includes helping credit union members with disability and life insurance claims. Helping people face life changes and difficult transitions is where Nicole really shines. Nicole began working for a large relocation firm as a resource to help those who were looking to buy or relocate their families nationwide. In 2011, Nicole took her skills further and began helping HR directors promote valuable benefits for recruiting and retaining employees and increasing employee production. Today Nicole partners with Cascade Centers and continues her passion of helping employees save time and money using their EAP resources when Buying/Selling or Refinancing.

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The Constant Debate - Rent vs. Own

For most potential homebuyers, the debate of when to move from renting to owning is one of the hardest decisions outside FINDING their actual new home.

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