Human Resources Webinar Series

Human Resources Webinar Series

Each year Cascade provides a webinar series designed specifically for Human Resource Professionals. These webinars are free and are approved for one (1) SHRM credit.

Listed below are the HR Webinars for 2021.

Past HR Webinars

Building Personal Resilience

When illness, relocation, conflict, or any other hardships befall us, we often feel unprepared to make adjustments needed to “weather the storm.” Why are some of us more capable of adapting to sudden changes and misfortune than others?

Challenging Relationships and How to Cure Conflict

We benefit from relationships, whether that’s a friendship, a romantic partnership, or a familial one, having interpersonal relationships can help us feel nurtured and grow.

Chemical Dependency Awareness for Human Resources

14 out of 100 employees abuse substances, which impacts their productivity, work performance, and absenteeism. This training is designed specifically for HR to discuss general drug and alcohol information, substance use impact in the workplace, policy and testing information, reasonable suspicion, and ...

Communication Skills for the HR Professional

Communication is an integral part of a functioning and successful work environment. It can be challenging for HR professionals to navigate different communication styles.

COVID-19: Providing Leadership During Uncertain Times

Providing leadership during the unprecedented times surrounding COVID-19 can be extraordinarily challenging. This webinar will incorporate practical steps you can take.

Depression Awareness

Many of us are touched directly or indirectly by depression. Learn about what depression is, symptoms of depression, and different treatment options.

Diversity: Equity & Inclusion for HR Professionals

Learn ways that HR professionals can foster a more inclusive workplace for employees and explore individual and company-wide practices to implement these strategies.

Ed Finkler: "Stronger Than Fear: Mental Health in the Developer Community"

Talks at Google

Talks at Google hosted Ed Finkler, founder and chairman of Open Sourcing Mental Illness, a non-profit 501c3 dedicated to raising awareness and supporting those with mental illness in the tech industry.

Emotional First Aid in the Workplace

This webinar will discuss the prevalence of mental illness and how to recognize a potential mental health crisis, and review appropriate intervention techniques and strategies for non-mental health professionals to better help a co-worker or employee in distress.

Employment Law Update

Topics include:

• Oregon Paid Sick Leave
• Proposed changes to federal wage and hour laws
• Marijuana legalization and impact on employer policies
• State of Oregon and City of Portland “ban the box” laws
• And more!

Focus on Mental Health Bolsters Workplace Wellness

Mental health issues have a long history of being stigmatized and largely ignored within the workplace, yet issues related to poor mental health, such as accidents, health care costs, absenteeism, and lost productivity are well documented.

Helping Employees Develop a Holistic Plan for Retirement

One of the greatest career transitions an employee may go through is that of retirement. Suddenly, the way they spent at least half of their waking life—and all that it represented—is gone.

How You Can Help Prevent Suicide

With mental health awareness on the rise in workplaces across the country, colleagues and supervisors are in a unique position to respond to signs of distress and provide support. I

Introducing LifeBalance - New EAP Partner in Well-being

Cascade is now partnered with LifeBalance to offer recreational, cultural, wellness, and travel discounts for select EAP members.

Managing Personnel Crises: An HR Professional’s Guide to Mental Health Concerns

HR professionals are equipped to respond to a number of personnel issues, but may feel out of their element when it comes to more serious and uncommon mental health concerns.

Mindful Communication with Employees

This seminar will improve the HR professional's communication skills

Mindfulness and Productivity

Have you considered how mindfulness can help your employees be more effective? Have you experienced improved productivity through mindfulness?

Recognizing & Preventing Workplace Harassment for HR Professionals

Understand employer obligations for responding to and investigating complaints.

Strategies for HR Professionals to Support Employees with Compassion Fatigue

Working in a helping profession can be very rewarding, yet it is also can be emotionally and physically draining.

Substance Use: What HR Professionals Need to Know and How to Address

Do your employees misuse drugs and alcohol? Substance use costs US employers $81 billion dollars a year, due to loss of productivity and attendance, accidents, theft, and rising healthcare costs.

The Role of Leaders in Reducing Work-Life Stress

This webinar will review work and family stressors that affect employees and the support that can be provided by HR managers.

Workplace Wellness for the HR Professional

People are becoming increasingly aware that health and wellness matter. However, due to long work days, competing obligations, and high stress, people find it difficult to achieve wellness goals. This webinar will focus on assisting HR professionals to incorporate wellness into the workplace.