Financial Coaching and Tax Preparation Assistance

Financial Coaching

Piggy bank-financial You are eligible to participate in a FREE 30 Day Financial Coaching program that will answer any financial questions or concerns you may have...

-- Get Out of Debt
-- Improve Your Credit Score
-- Develop a Spending Plan
-- Plan for Retirement
-- Understand Home Buying/Refinancing Strategies
-- And Other Important Money Topics

(Financial Coaches do not sell products of any kind!)

Tax Services

Questions about Preparation

Tax professionals are available through the EAP that can address tax questions. There is no fee to have a consultation and ask questions. (One consultation per employee/household.)

Discounted Tax Preparation Services

Staff are also available to prepare a personal income tax return at a discount. The tax preparation service is telephonic with all materials sent by mail, e-mail or fax.

Tax preparation fee for a basic return:

For additional information, questions or to access, contact Cascade Centers:
Call: 800-433-2320
Text: 503-980-1777