Employee Assistance Programs

Cascade is a leader and innovator in the evolution of EAPs and is an early adopter of new services and points of access. Cascade’s EAP provides member groups’ employees and family members a comprehensive, full service EAP with a focus on customer service, technology, outcomes, and integrated wellness.

As a large Employee Assistance Program provider, we’re able to serve organizations worldwide, provide evidence-based outcomes, and use advanced technology. However, our service model remains high-touch and customizable.

Cascade’s Home Ownership Program

Learn about Cascade's free Home Ownership Program.More Info

Childcare Services

Information and resources for childcare, education, parenting, and adoption information.More Info

Crisis Counseling

Cascade Centers, Inc. is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year for crisis or non–crisis circumstances. More Info

EAP Member Site

Fully customizable EAP member site available in English and Spanish.More Info

Eldercare Services

Solutions to the aging needs of our parents and ourselves.More Info

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching. Moves leaders from good to excellent in their performance. More Info

Financial Wellness

Help employees turn financial goals into accomplishments.More Info

Identity Theft

Receive up to a 60–minute free consultation with a highly–trained Fraud Resolutions Specialists™ (FRS).More Info

Individual Counseling Sessions

Sessions with an EAP Counselor for problem identification, assessment, and the establishment of outcome goals.More Info

Leadership Consultations

Unlimited consultation and support to supervisors and managers.More Info

Legal / Financial / Consultations

Employees and family members are entitled to no cost telephonic consultation with a counselor. Typical matters include credit counseling, debt and budgeting assistance, tax planning, retirement, and college planning questions. Telephone consultations are from thirty to sixty minutes per issue. Rate discounts ...More Info

Legal Tools

Access our Enhanced Legal and Financial Resource CenterMore Info

Life Coaching

Receive up to three strategy sessions with a master’s level professional that provides you with support to improve your life and relationships.More Info

Performance Based Referrals

Unlimited Performance Based Referrals/Last Chance Agreements

A powerful tool for improving job performance. Our focus is on helping your employee be successful in their job and reaching goals.More Info

Reduction in Force / Career Development Services

Best Practices - A Comprehensive Approach

A wide array of services to assist employees and organizations as they prepare for a reduction in force and organizational changes.More Info

Resource Retrieval Service

Save Time and Reduce Stress.More Info

Well-being Text Support

Cascade Assist and Serve Intelligence: Information for Employers

CASI (Cascade Assist and Serve Intelligence) uses technology to provide immediate emotional support to help your employees feel better. CASI can also guide members to EAP services that best meet their needs.More Info

Whole Person Approach

Cascade knows comorbidities occur between physical health and behavioral health, such as diabetes, depression, obesity, hypertension, and stress. Cascade’s Master’s level phone staff evaluates employees with a “whole person” perspective, while guiding them to a combination of resources that will help improve health and balance in all aspects of their lives. More Info


Each year Cascade reports the results of our Workplace Outcome Study (WOS).

The WOS measures change in the five (5) following areas, which relate directly to work performance. The following are recent results for our book of business:

• Work Engagement 14% Increase
• Life Satisfaction 11% Improvement
• Absenteeism 53% Decrease
• Presenteeism 12% Decrease
• Work Distress 53% Decrease
More Info

World Wide Access

Cascade has access to a nationwide network of over 50,000 EAP providers. All providers are selected based on credentials, licenses, EAP experience, and history of unblemished ethical conduct. We require annual documentation of licensure, proof of liability, and an updated resume. More Info