Covid-19 Resource Center

Covid-19 Resource Center

This is an unprecedented time for everyone, and the situation is changing daily. Cascade is committed and prepared to address the evolving risk posed by COVID-19. We will continue to post new materials in our new COVID-19 Resource Center to help you as we all move forward though this unique time together.

Returning to School Guide

Download Cascade EAP's Returning to School Guide to help with planning an uncertain school year. More Info

Managing Anxiety While Wearing a Mask

It’s not uncommon to experience anxiety, claustrophobia, and fear. wearing a mask or covering our face. Learn about some coping techniques that can help with these difficult feelings. More Info

Childcare Guide

Resources for kid-friendly activities, childcare and educational tools.More Info

Dependent Care Support Services and Resources

Information and resources for dependent care services.More Info

Suicide and Mental Health Awareness

The key to lowering the suicide rate is prevention, which includes education, stigma reduction, and improving support resources for those who are at risk.More Info

Suicide Prevention Support

The key to lowering the suicide rate is prevention, including education about recognizing suicidal behavior and improving support resources for those who are at risk.More Info
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Leading Teams in a COVID-19 World


In one sense everyone has been in this together: COVID-19 is a worldwide pandemic. But in another, as individuals, we’ve had to chart our own course.More Info

Managing After Downsizing

Steps to take when managing your company's downsizing. More Info

Surviving Organizational Change

Strategies for coping with change in the workplace.More Info

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

Tips for managers and leaders to help support their employees during the COVID-19 outbreak.More Info

Budgeting: When Income is Uncertain

This webinar covers budgeting tactics, student loan repayment strategies and debt/credit tips that can help during these challenging times. More Info

Investor Education: Managing Your Money in Volatile Markets

We talk about how to focus on your investment plan and future expectations, and worry less about today's markets. More Info

Thinking of Buying or Selling a Home During COVID-19?

This webinar discusses market information and what the experts say buyers and sellers need to do. More Info

Coronavirus: What to know about Mortgage Rates, the Housing Market and Refinancing

This webinar covers what is happening in the financial markets, interest rates and the future current housing market. More Info

Q & A Forum: Skills for Social Distancing and Isolation During COVID-19

This unique Q & A forum will provide participants access to a Masters Level clinician who can answer questions and provide guidance on social distancing and isolation during COVID-19.More Info

Stress Management Techniques to Cope with Social Distancing and Isolation

As we all adjust to the new normal of social distancing and isolation, we are faced with new challenges in all aspects of our lives. More Info