Covid-19 Resource Center

Covid-19 Resource Center

This is an unprecedented time for everyone, and the situation is changing daily. Cascade is committed and prepared to address the evolving risk posed by COVID-19. We will continue to post new materials in our new COVID-19 Resource Center to help you as we all move forward though this unique time together.

How to Talk to Children About COVID-19

Suggestions on how to support and talk to your children

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Identity Theft Prevention During the Coronavirus Season


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Managing your Anxiety About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Prepare now by taking the following steps to manage your anxiety

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Financial Resources for Health Emergencies

Provided by our My Secure Advantage (MSA)

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Working Remotely

Tips for employees

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COVID-19: How to Prepare Your Family

Guidelines consistent with the Department of Homeland Security and CDC

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Managing After Downsizing

Steps to take when managing your company’s downsizing

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Surviving Organizational Change

Strategies for coping with change in the workplace

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

Tips for Managers and Leaders

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Question and Answer Forum: Work-Life Challenges During COVID-19 #2

This unique Question and Answer forum will provide participants access to a Masters Level clinician who can answer questions and provide guidance on a range of topics.More Info

Teens and Young Adults and the Unique Challenges They Face During this Pandemic

This webinar gives you and your teens ideas you can utilize during these uncertain times.More Info

Financial Impacts of COVID-19

This webinar discusses financial challenges you may be facing and provides information on current legislation, dealing with loss of income and setting an action plan.More Info

Navigating Your Finances in Unpredictable Times

This webinar discusses the impact of the pandemic on your budget, communicating with loved ones and creditors, tracking your progress, and available resources to help you through these challenging times.More Info

Budgeting: When Income is Uncertain

This webinar covers budgeting tactics, student loan repayment strategies and debt/credit tips that can help during these challenging times.More Info

Investor Education: Managing Your Money in Volatile Markets

We talk about how to focus on your investment plan and future expectations, and worry less about today’s markets.More Info