Contact Cascade Centers

In addition to Cascade's own salaried professional staff of counselors in Portland and Salem, we maintain a nationwide network of EAP professionals selected on the basis of credentials, licenses, EAP experience and a history of unblemished ethical conduct. Employees and family members are seen by an EAP counselor within 15 minutes or 15 miles in city area, 30 minutes or 30 miles in urban areas, or within the customary time and distance for medical services in rural areas.

For additional information regarding available services please contact us at
1–800–433–2320 to:

• Talk to a counselor immediately
• Locate a counselor convenient to your home or work
• Schedule an appointment with a counselor in your area
• Request a proposal
• Get a quote
• Learn more about our services
• Get your questions answered

EAP counselors are available by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Portland Oregon Office
(503) 639–3009
8am to 5pm
Monday through Friday

Salem Oregon Office
(503) 588–0777
8am to 5pm
Monday through Friday

You may also e-mail Cascade Centers to:

• Help find a counselor in your area.
• Get more information on your EAP benefits.
• All e–mail messages and after hours calls will be followed up the next business day.
• To find Cascade Employee Assistance Program Portland Office.

Portland Area Office Location:
7180 S.W. Fir Loop, Suite 100, Portland, OR 97223–8023

Salem Area Office Location:
4060 Macleay Road SE, Suite A, Salem, OR 97317