Cascade’s Outcomes

Evaluating the Workplace Impact of Cascade's EAP Services

Since 2014, Cascade Centers, Inc. has implemented the Workplace Outcome Suite (WOS) to help our customers better evaluate whether Cascade's EAP intervention has an impact on workplace performance.

The WOS measures change in the five (5) following areas, which relate directly to work performance:

· Absenteeism – Time Spent out of work

· Presenteeism – Time spent at work distracted

· Work Engagement – Job involvement or stimulation

· Work Distress – Job anxiety

· Life Satisfaction – Personal wellbeing and quality of life

Outcome Results
In a recent study conducted by Cascade, data was collected both Pre and Post EAP intervention (approximately 90 days later) on a random sample of 1302 employees (not including dependents) to make up a book of business report.

The results showed statistically significant improvement in absenteeism, preseteenteeism, and Life Satisfaction. There improvements in work distress and work engagement as well.


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