Cascade EAP Services

Cascade Provider Panel

Cascade knows that work / life stress, mental health, and physical health are often interrelated. By including services that affect all aspects of life, Cascade has created a holistic EAP. An important role you play as the EAP provider is connecting employees to the resources available to them. In addition to the face–to–face sessions, Cascade clients have many valuable EAP services available to them. If you feel that you have an EAP client that may benefit from one of these services, simply have them call us at 800–433–2320 or
503–639–3009. We will immediately connect them with the appropriate service. This is also the number you may call if you have any questions about eligibility or about the program itself.

An employee you see through Cascade may have all the services available to them or only a few. Please contact our office to check on eligibility.