COVID-19: How to Prepare Your Family

Guidelines consistent with the Department of Homeland Security and CDC

Consistent with the Department of Homeland Security and CDC regarding school closures and other social isolation guidelines, we encourage people to start planning regarding back-up care options in place for children or other loved ones:

•    Consider reaching out to your community and social support system, identify if there are other caregivers you can coordinate with to balance work schedules and caregiving responsibilities.

•    With school closures, many childcare facilities are closed to avoid congregating children. You may need to identify alternatives, which could include seeking support from healthy college students or high schoolers that have completed appropriate training.

•    Resources such as or Nextdoor could be helpful to you in identifying available options within your community.

•    Contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) if you need to discuss specific needs or are looking for assistance with resources.

Talking to Your Kids

•    With extensive news coverage about the coronavirus, children may develop fears about the risk to their own health and safety.

•    Listen and validate your children’s fears and not dismiss them. Provide age- appropriate information and be prepared to answer questions they may have.

•    Additional information can be found on the EAP Member Site and counselors are available to support you 24/7.

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