Brandon Laws

Brandon Laws is the Director of Marketing at Xenium HR, where he has spent the last 11 years of his career helping transform workplaces. Brandon is the host of the popular HR and leadership podcast, Transform Your Workplace. He provides strategy and oversight on Xenium’s brand, products, and lead generation. Brandon is an avid reader of business books and reads 40-60 books a year. He resides in Newberg with his wife, two children, and cats. You can follow Brandon on Twitter and Instagram .

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12 Ways to Hack Your Productivity

Time is precious. We only get a limited amount of it every day. So why is it so challenging for us to prioritize and effectively manage our time?

Are You Stressed Out or Burned Out? How to Avoid Career Burnout.

Many of us have been there: a stressful workday turns into a hectic month, which turns into a rough year, which turns into physical and mental exhaustion.

Bringing Energy into the Workplace

Creating a Bravespace Workplace

Designing a More Human Workplace

Five Ways to Improve Workplace Communication

How to Boost Energy and Confidence at Work

How to Inspire Success and Meaning at Work

How to Shift your Mindset

More Consciousness. Less Feedback

Pitching a Better Leadership Model with Mark Greenburg

Practicing Mindfulness in the Workplace

Recalibrate Your Work-Life Balance with These 4 Questions

Three Myths about High Achievers in the Workplace

Why Inclusion is Just as Important as Employee Diversity

Why We Need Psychological Safety to do Our Best Work

Why You Should Engage Employees with Company-Sponsored Community Service


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Creating a Bravespace Workplace

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