Respect in the Workplace

Regardless of your personal beliefs or political views, election results are an opportunity to review the importance of professionalism and a respectful workplace. Here are some
basic rules of communication to help those with differences interact with each other:

• Avoid rushing to judgments.
• Recognize when your own biases and stereotypes are influencing how you interact with others.
• Avoid thinking in an “us” and “them” way that promotes tension in the workplace.
• Be sensitive to religious, cultural, racial and social backgrounds of your coworkers.
• Avoid casual language that includes slang or jokes that are offensive.

Cascade Centers, your Employee Assistance Program (EAP), reminds you that we are always a resource to you.

If you are struggling in interactions with your co-workers or people in your personal life, please do not hesitate to call the EAP for support.