Work-Family-Life During COVID-19

The spread COVID-19 has created new challenges and uncertainties for many of us. There are resources available to support you:


Access to free initial consultation and 25% discount thereafter, available for estate planning and healthcare documents, landlord/tenant rights, custody issues and more.

Financial Coaching:

Access to unlimited financial coaching, and resources for people experiencing lost income, mortgage/rent concerns, and issues with loan repayment.

Housing Support:

Help to find federal, state, local housing assistance programs that you’re eligible for, resources if you’re considering buying or selling during the pandemic and more.

Resource Retrieval:

Assistance locating childcare, eldercare, and resources for basic needs such as utility payment, food and housing.

Identity Theft Services:

Consult with a fraud resolution specialist if you’ve been impacted by unemployment scams or email phishing.

For more information contact Cascade Centers:
call: 800-433-2320
text: 503-850-7721