Returning to School Guide

Both planning for the new school year and your work-life balancing act are made more difficult by the uncertainties that accompany COVID-19. Your child’s school may reopen for in-person classes, but will it close again when teachers, staff, or students test positive for the virus? If the school’s plan focuses on remote learning, what will your role as a parent be? How much time will that take and when will you need to be with your child to help? If your child goes to school only on certain days or for shorter school days, who will be with them when they’re not in school?

We’ve prepared the Resuming School During Covid-19 Resource Guide to help with planning an uncertain school year. Topics include
strategies to manage difficult challenges, how to think about risks from COVID-19, benefits and shortcomings of different forms of schooling, what children of different ages and learning styles need from school, and how to make the best of the choices you have.

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