Virtual Critical Incident Response During COVID-19

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we are implementing virtual options for critical incident response services.

Virtual Group Sessions

Group Debriefing (employees in multiple locations):
• Cascade Centers provides a Zoom link and password, which we ask the employer to share with employees, allowing them to join the group debriefing.
• There can be issues with bandwidth and we cannot guarantee the quality of the connection. The quality of each participant’s connection will rely on their internet connectivity.

Group Debriefing (employees in one location):
• It should be in a private room, with no interruptions. Our counselor who would facilitate the group meeting virtually needs to see everyone in the room on camera.
• Please designate someone to be available on-site for technical issues.
• We recommend your room is large enough to maintain guidelines for social distancing.

Some things to note when scheduling a virtual group debriefing:
• To ensure security the debriefing is password protected and the facilitator will individually approve the entrance of each participant. A maximum of 20 employees can join the debriefing.
• The session has a set start and stop time. Participants must join the meeting at the start time.
• Ten minutes after the start time participants will not be able to join. If a participant leaves the meeting during the debriefing, they will not be able to rejoin.
Participants must have their camera on so the counselor can see each participant.

Virtual Individual Sessions

Back-to-back Individual Virtual Scheduled Calls:
• Designated sessions that are 25 minutes in length for staff to meet individually with a counselor by secure virtual connection. The counselor remains the same for all staff during the scheduled block of time.
• Members are provided with a link to schedule and connect with their counselor during their selected time. They will receive an appointment reminder 24 hours prior to their scheduled session.
• Members need to have access to technology (phone/tablet/computer with video capability) and a private space. For each session, staff utilizes their private space and the access link provided by Cascade.
• Does not count against their EAP benefit, but additional fees may apply.

Utilize EAP Sessions Virtually:
• Employees would contact EAP directly and are provided with a link to schedule a full 50-minute session with a counselor.
• By employer preference, employees may utilize a private room to video chat with their preferred counselor. Dates and times may vary for each person and we encourage a sign-up sheet to block out designated times for use of the private space.
• The cost for this is included in the contract, utilizing the member’s EAP counseling benefit.

For additional information or to schedule, please call: 800-433-2320