April is Alcohol Awareness Month

What can my EAP do for me and my addiction?

Cascade Employee Assistance Program offers several services related to drug and alcohol addictions. Your EAP can provide preliminary drug and alcohol assessments, counseling for the addicted person throughout the recovery process and counseling to the families of the addicted person. All services are CONFIDENTIAL.

Addiction, work / life stress, mental health, and physical health are often interrelated. Cascade provides holistic services that address all aspects of life. The EAP will not only provide services specific to the addiction recovery process, but also the various aspects that are indirectly affected by drug and alcohol use. These can include resources regarding housing, food stamps, and legal and financial situations.

We can't make the recovery process easy, but we can make it easier!

EAP mental health counseling sessions

Evaluations and treatment referrals for drug and alcohol addictions

Resource retrieval services

Legal services:
Free initial consultation
Reduced services after initial consultation

Financial services:
Free 30–day financial coaching with a licensed professional

Coordination of benefits with your health insurance

How to Access Your EAP:
Call: 1–800–433–2320
Email: esupport@cascadecenters.com
Visit: www.cascadecenters.com