Mindfulness Stress Reduction

Cascade Centers for Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a process of cultivating awareness of the mind and body and living in the present moment without filters or the lens of judgment.

Current research supports Mindfulness–Based Stress Reduction
As an effective tool in treating a variety of mental and physical
health problems.

Benefits Include:
Reduced stress
Mood regulation
Increased brain functioning
Enhanced immune functioning
Improved relationship skills
Higher levels of focus, attention and awareness
Impulse control in both children and adults
Successful treatment of chronic pain, depression, and anxiety

Cascade Centers for Mindfulness offers participants the opportunity to take charge of your physical and mental health and learn the skills.

Options include:
On–Site Trainings


Join us for this unique experience that includes:
· 4 part experiential series
· Unlimited access to a Mindfulness Coach
· Chat room membership to support efforts to build mindfulness skills
· Weekly podcasts of mindful meditation practices

The goal of this series is to allow participants to become aware of how the “busy mind” affects us and how our body reacts to our thoughts. There is no right or wrong way to begin mindfulness practice. It is about experiencing the present moment and when we wander to the past or the future to meet those thoughts with compassion and acceptance.

You can register for this webinar by clicking the top link to the left.

Webinar dates are September 11, 18,25 and October 2 at 6:00 PM PST

Cost is $100 for all 4 webinars

For more information:
Call: 800–433–2320
Email: info@cascadecenters.com