Reduction in Force / Career Development Services

Reduction in Force (RIF) Best Practices – A Comprehensive Approach
Cascade's comprehensive RIF services provide organizational consultation. Our goal is to support and enhance your management practices to address morale, retention, and trust issues.

As you and your organization plan for a reduction in force, Cascade offers the following services to provide support to every level of the organization.

For Supervisors and Manager:
• Contact EAP for consultation.
• Provide on–site EAP seminar regarding their emotional awareness of change and transition.
• Layoff skills and what the manager can do to minimize the negative impact
• Tools and techniques for leading remaining employees through the process of change

For Employees being laid off:
• Offer EAP resources and provide knowledge of what may happen to them emotionally and tips to get through it.
• Job Search Skills
• Potential Support Groups

For Employees Remaining:
• Provide on–site EAP seminars for topics such as:
• Coping with Change
• Coping with Survivor Guilt
• Staying Optimistic
• Time Management – doing more with less

Contact Cascade at 1–800–433–2320 for more information.

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