Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Moves leaders from good to excellent in their performance.

Executive Coaching Benefits:

- Five (5) one-on-one sessions with an experienced professional who will give feedback that is objective, honest, and direct.
- An in-depth customized assessment which targets areas of growth potential.
- Email and telephone access to your coach in between scheduled sessions.
- Complimentary follow-up session three months after the conclusion of coaching.

Executive Coaching Includes:

- Ability to identify and develop your strengths.
Recognize and learn to compensate for developmental needs.
Set goals to achieve results which are specific, measurable, achievable, and compatible with your company or team.

Pricing: $1,700*

*Executive Coach can travel by request, $95/hour travel fee not included. Additional sessions may be purchased at $315/hour.

For More Information:
call: 800-433-2320
text: 503-980-1777
email: info@cascadecenters.com