Phone Counseling Found Effective


The Journal of the American Medical Association reveals that
telephone counseling can be an effective tool in helping individuals
conquer depression. In an 18–month study, 80% of those who had
received phone therapy indicated that their depression was “much
improved”, compared to 55% of those who had received face–to–face counseling. Of those who received encouragement by phone
but not explicit counseling, 66% said they were “much improved”.

The researchers do not know what component of the phone
therapy made it effective or whether the increased attention itself
made people feel better. But for therapists trying to treat patients
who are overwhelmed, too busy to attend office visits, or lacking
transportation, the study may provide an alternative to traditional
in–person care.

An important component of your EAP benefit is the availability of
counselors by phone. The research cited above indicates that
despite the informality of this type of counseling, it nevertheless
can provide useful and effective assistance.

Remember, professional counselors are available 24/7 to help you right over the phone!
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