Tips For Summer Family Fun


Summer can be a special time for family fun. Barbecues, softball games, and vacation travels are all part of great summer memories. Here are a few tips for making your summer enjoyable and headache–free.

• Plan early to coordinate the kids' summer break with your vacation time and to book hotels, plane tickets and/or campsites.

• If your plans include a trip out of town, get the kids involved in the
excitement by talking and reading about the places you'll visit and the things you'll do.

• If you plan a road trip, try to establish a “base” location and take day trips from there. This way, you and your children will have a familiar place to go “home” to each evening.

• If you can't arrange weeks at a time away from work or you are on a tight budget, consider weekend trips to state parks or beaches.
Many offer reasonable cabins or campsites.

• Most kids have more free time on their hands in the summer than
their parents. Consider enrolling them in community day camps,
which can include a wide variety of activities such as swimming, arts and crafts, horseback riding, dance classes and sports. Some camps even provide transportation to help out busy parents.

Whatever your summer plans, be sure to make time to relax and spend time together as a family!

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