Supervisor Training

Troubled employees create problems for the supervisor and eventually the employer. Because supervisors are generally the first to spot a troubled employee, they are the first step in the intervention procedure.

We provide all necessary training materials, including Supervisor Manuals.

Supervisor training teaches supervisors how to:

• Articulate the purpose of the EAP
• Describe the main components of the EAP
• Understand and protect the employee's need for confidentiality
• Manage a troubled employee
• Document EAP referrals
• Prepare and proceed with a troubled employee interview
• Monitor a troubled employee's progress
• Determine the need for an EAP referral

Other trainings include:

• Manager's Guide Social Media in the Workplace
• Stress Management for Managers
• Depression in the Workplace: A Manager's Role
• Manager's Guide to Critical Incident in Workplace
• Coping with Downsizing and Job Loss