Drinking Safely This Holiday Season

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Holiday Party

The holiday party season is upon us. If you are going out and will be consuming alcohol, it's important to be smart about your drinking.

Here are a few steps you can take for safer drinking and to prevent drinking and driving:

–– Set a safe limit for yourself before you start drinking.

–– Don't drink on an empty stomach; eating something will slow alcohol's absorption rate. Remember that a full stomach will not prevent you from getting drunk if you drink excessively.

–– Don't drink when tired or taking medication.

–– Be sure to stick to a pace that works for you, and don't let anyone pressure you to speed up. Alternating between alcoholic and non–alcoholic drinks throughout the night can be a good way to handle this.

–– Choose a designated driver –– either someone who doesn't drink alcohol or someone you can trust to stay sober.

–– Give your car keys to friend who won't be drinking and give him or her permission to keep the keys if you seem incapable of driving.

–– Prearrange a safe, alternative way to get home.