5 Healthy Habits that Can Help Prolong Your Life

EAP Navigator - February 2018

5 Healthy Habits
1. Not smoking. Cigarette smoking is the leading preventable cause of lung cancer and heart disease.

2. Drinking alcohol moderately, if at all. Heavy use of alcohol increases your risk for liver disease and heart failure.

3. Scheduling regular medical checkups. Many potentially fatal illnesses, including breast cancer, colon cancer and heart disease, can be treated effectively if diagnosed early.

4. Wearing sunscreen. Use an SPF 15+ sunscreen on exposed skin year-round if you are outdoors. Basal cell carcinoma, the most common skin cancer, strikes 1 in 8 Americans.

5. Controlling stress.Stress can contribute to heart disease and other health problems. Stress can contribute to heart disease and other health problems. To help ease your stress, engage in activities that promote relaxation such as mediation and yoga, or talk with a counselor.

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