Tips for Surviving the Holidays

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For many, the holidays are a time to share in the joy of family traditions and create new special memories. But for some, these expectations can make holidays stressful, especially for those that feel disconnected from family or friends.

Following are tips to help make the holidays a special time in your own way:

Create Your Own Traditions. Think of new events you can participate in on your own or invite new people to join you in an old tradition.

Be a Participant. Attend holiday parties, invite friends to local activities, or even take a trip to some regional events.

Ask for Others to Chip In. Ask your guests to share his or her favorite recipe or bring a game that encourages fun interaction within a group.

Keep Your Life in Focus. Make a point to celebrate the good things in your life. Let your friends know how much you value their friendship, or volunteer at a local charity or food kitchen.

Be Willing to Get Help. The holiday blues can be difficult to manage for anyone, but for some, they can inhibit your ability to function regularly. If you need help, talk to someone – a friend, a loved one, or a counselor.

Your EAP can also help. Cascade has counselors available by phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800–433–2320.