Signs of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

EAP Navigator - April 2017

Drugs and Alcohol

Substance use becomes abuse when you can’t control your use of alcohol or other drugs. (Alcohol may be legal, but it’s still a drug.) Use also becomes abuse when it disrupts your life.

Substance use may be a problem when you experience the following:

· Difficulty staying close to family and friends
· Problems with getting to work on time or do your job well
· Unable to keep up with your bills
· Using substances first thing in the morning
· Getting defensive when people criticize your use
· Worrying that alcohol and/or drugs won’t be available when you want it
· Feeling embarrassed or guilty and that you need to cut down on your use

Get Help

If you feel you or a loved one may have a problem with substance use, contact Cascade EAP for more information on services related to alcohol and drug addiction:

Call: 800-433-2320