Onsite Health Screenings

Successful wellness program start with a healthy work place culture and on–site wellness screenings are a great way of promoting and supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Cascade offers an extensive array of nationwide onsite health services, including:

• Flu shots
• Cholesterol and glucose screening
• Blood pressure testing
• Bone density testing for osteoporosis
• Body composition testing
• Pulmonary function testing
• DermaView skin cancer testing
• Glaucoma testing

At the screenings, employees will immediately receive their results, as well as educational material about what the screenings – and their specific scores – mean about their health. Employees are also encouraged to call our Health Coaches to receive additional counseling, education, and referrals. Screenings are not a just one–day event, but rather the beginning of a longer process of assisting employees in creating healthier lifestyles.